A contortion-themed poker deck from Tearzah and Sudrien


The project started January 2019, and printed late April of the same year. A poker deck featuring contortion poses, and Tearzah's characters. What more do you want to know?



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What do they look like?
Why are the numbered cards arranged like they are?
Diamonds is attempt to model constellations. Clubs Reveals a monster. Hearts wanders away from geometry, Spades sticks with it.
Because a tarot deck has way too many cards.
What's that font?
English Towne Font
How many decks were printed?
Who printed them? On their "310gsm linen stock". The come in a clear plastic case.
I want to make cards now. Do you have any tips?
If you look at the template provided by MPC, you'll see it suggest 300dpi. While this is considered good for photography, 1200dpi is the usual standard for printing lineart. This means 3288px × 4488px it you're using photoshop or another raster-based program.
If you're using vector-based, you want to export at 1200dpi. To PNG. Not JPEG.
What would you change if you did it again?
Make the greys a little lighter before submitting. MPC does print a little dark.